Bontel company vision

      Bontel's customers are in more than and 20 countries around the world. More and more people are getting to know us, joining and supporting us. In 2017, bontel has delivered 10 million mobile phones to customers worldwide, in the hope of expanding people's networking scope.
        To connect with others is human necessity. Nowadays, with the rapid development of Internet, people have experienced more fun and joy from communication. Smartphone has enabled people to connect faster and drawn them closer, we are looking forward to seeing more people joining and enjoying bontel for a better future!

Bontel mobile phone 2018 new debut
Strong return of the Chinese brand three anti-cell phone
A mobile phone not just make a phone call
Traveling in the Field
Opening ceremony of jiang hua bontel industrial park.
The production workshop
Bontel Mobile
Bontel company vision
Bontel company
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The development of bontel
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