A mobile phone not just make a phone call

       Rapid development in the smartphone era, most of the function of the mobile phone is gradually withdraw from the market, the function of mobile phone really want to disappear? The answer is no, along with the progress of The Times, the function of mobile phone has been advancing with The Times, feature phones Bontel company devotes to research and development, continuous innovation, development, pragmatic and to integrate ideas and multifunctional use of the above, keep the cell phone is not only a telephone number, but with a more functional and practical mobile phone, let us to appreciate the charm of this kind of mobile phone:

1) the appearance of restoring ancient ways, many years ago, mobile image, how much is the elderly memory of youth, let those in natural and unrestrained years emerged a lot of people's mind.

2) bring their own mobile power supply, battery is not enough to use, just has no electricity, call children don't get troubles, such as 20000 ma of battery capacity, strong life, truly to charge 90 days standby to solve trouble back at home.

3) take a flashlight, LED high-power ultra bright light, sustainable lighting 100 hours, days walk again black also is not afraid of the dark;

4) outside the cabin filled function, 20000 ma capacitance sustainable for other mobile phones, electronic products such as tablet charge;

5) the radio function, leisure with music, news, entertainment dance, support functions of the radio playing, listening to radio programs without inserts earphone, more convenient and quick

6) with loudspeakers, adopt high-powered loudspeakers, loud noise, no sharp noise, never afraid of the small voice can't hear each other what to say.






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