Traveling in the Field

April is a poetic season, the spring breeze, all things recovery, filled with the breath of life; full of vitality, the company organized spring tour, leading us to enjoy the good scenery in April. . . .

 Destination to reach, everyone vibrant, lively and extraordinary

Training began, the game fun in progress

Rain food ingredients, lively scene, full game

 Team division of labor details, each showing unique skills

 Enjoy their own fruits of labor - food

Boat children cheerful forward                           shoot with great precision

Bontel mobile phone 2018 new debut
Strong return of the Chinese brand three anti-cell phone
A mobile phone not just make a phone call
Traveling in the Field
Opening ceremony of jiang hua bontel industrial park.
The production workshop
Bontel Mobile
Bontel company vision
Bontel company
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The development of bontel
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