Bontel mobile phone 2018 new debut

   Into the fourth quarter of 2018, the smart phone market is still a new machine after another, so that mobile phone enthusiasts and ordinary consumers pleasantly surprised, including many of our previous reports of fashion smart new machine - Bontel T10. This phone today (January 1), this special day officially listed for sale.

     And nowadays other smart phones, BontelT10 touch screen with straight design, body lines tough, four corners with rounded design, simple and stylish style. In the configuration, this phone has a large 7inch touch screen, while the border width of only 0.24 cm, making the screen more open field of vision. It is worth mentioning that, Bontel T10 CM cm with a new system, has a unique dual-system operator interface.

     Other configurations, Bontel T10 equipped with a 1.3GHz frequency SC7731 quad-core processor, with 1GB RAM and 8GB body memory to ensure the system's smooth, and has a 2million pixel front camera and 5 million pixel main camera With LED flash), and supports dual card dual standby function, the overall configuration in line with the needs of many foreign consumers.     



Bontel mobile phone 2018 new debut
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